Play Watch Dogs Using Any GPU

Play Watch Dogs Using Any GPU

Now You Can Play Watch Dogs Using any GPU (Graphic Card)

Watch Dogs appears to be the most wanted game ever since it was introduced by Ubisoft. Watch Dogs was released last month but, due to its high end graphic requirements most of the gamers are unable to play. So, many gamers are currently disappointed due to it. I am going to introduce a fix for it so that most of you guys can play it easily.

MalDo Texture FIX + Trees Fix + Ubisoft Patch

♣ Changes Updated in Current Version: (version 0.8)

  • You’ll be able to choose if you want a light dof, a strong dof or to be default (disabled)
  • You’ll be able to choose different bloom presets (E3 Bloom, Light Bloom or default)
  • You’ll be able to choose different types of colorgrading( E3, Default, Red-Ish or Blue-Ish)
  • You’ll be able to choose if you want default lensflares, anamorphic lensflares or SpotLight Volumes (Volumetric light)
  • Headlight shadows have been fixed
  • E3 Wind environment added
  • Particle respawn time reduced to be able to see more fog and smoke in streets
  • Problems and Bugs related to HDR should be fixed
  • Included several high textures from the game to be used instead of low quality ones
  • And many more things to be included in future releases
ATTENTION: KEEP COLORGRADING ON, Otherwise the mod will not work well.

♦Installation Steps:

  1. Download the file, decompress the rar in any folder you want.
  2. Open the config file located in “WDT_Data/config/WDTConfig.cfg
  3. Place your Game_Path For example Game_Path=C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonWatch_Dogs
  4. Save the file and open the tool exe “WDTooL.exe”
  5. Select your settings and press the tick button to apply changes
  6. If something is stuck press the middle button to reset the settings
  7. If everything is ok a path.dat file will be created in your data_win64 folder
  8. Enjoy the game

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    This is a very cool article. I have been struggling to play some of the games on different GPUs. Best solution I can find.

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